Co-piloting a Digital Humanities Center: A Critical Reflection on a Libraries-Academic Partnership

Rosenblum, B., & Dwyer, A. “Co-piloting a digital humanities center: a critical reflection on a libraries-academic partnership” in White, John W., and Gilbert, Heather, Laying the Foundation: Digital Humanities in Academic Libraries (2016). Purdue University Press. (Knowledge Unlatched Open Access Edition.)

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Abstract: This paper first describes IDRH’s programs and the role of the Stakeholders and co-directors in the partnership, and discusses some of the benefits and challenges of this collaborative model of support and leadership. We then discuss some of the specific ways in which IDRH has tried to build partnership on campus and establish relationships between faculty and the libraries, including the formation of an advisory board, and providing multiple opportunities for faculty to get involved in review committees or as instructors in workshops. This chapter also serves as a critical review of IDRH’s first four years, from the founding of the Institute in fall 2010 to fall 2014, when this chapter was written.