The Faces of Haiti: Resolute in Reform, Resistance and Recovery

Graham, Maryemma; Rosenblum, Brian; Jayaram, Kiran C.; Claiborne, C. B.

This report describes the activities and findings of the University of Kansas Haitian Research Initiative team that travelled to Haiti in July 2011. The purpose of the visit was to assess the current research and educational environment in Haiti, and to form professional connections in order to develop further ties between the University of Kansas and Haitian institutions. The report includes four chapters: 1) Haiti in Perspective: An Outsider’s View by Maryemma Graham; 2) Making KU Connections by Kiran Jayaram; 3) A Haitian Businessman Speaks by C. B. Claiborne; and 4) The Libraries of Haiti: Creating a Knowledge Society by Brian Rosenblum. There is also a concluding section with suggestions for further action for KU.